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Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
in benghazi. secretary - says "..secretary clinton has &pstressed she remains ready to &ptestify before she stees down ffom her post next month. in meanwhile, we're learning new details about the deadly september 11-th terror attack penghazi. consulate in - aabb-partisan senate rrport found terrrristt essentialll walked right into the compound. the report was releassd today by the senate coomittee on homeland security and governmeet affairs. it bllmes the state department, innlarge part, for faaling to respond toorequests for more seccirty resources. the terrorists imply walked unimpeded and set it ablaze - due tooextremely poor security. ///butt to///the state department either ignored or repeated pleas for more o assistancethe attack left u-s ammasssdor chris tevens ann three other americans dead. its the ravens against the colts this sunday in the firstt round of the playoffss ann itss win? brian writes on ourr facebook page...."of course! pavens."and jesse rites..."i hope ss. i have not llked the colts since they left baltimore." and any others are confident that tte ravens
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1